Enrichment Activities

The PTO significantly enhances each Stratton student’s education with activities including field trips, special visitors and programs, annual events such as Science Night, classroom materials and equipment, grants for teachers, and books for the school library and classroom collections.

Curriculum Enhancement

The Stratton PTO provides curriculum support with supportive materials (books, DVDs, software), resources for both teachers and students, such as curriculum supplies and materials to further enhance the educational experience.


Field Trips and Assemblies

Through parent support we are able to provide a large portion of the costs associated with the many field trips Stratton offers each class every year. This financial support also helps fund several assemblies (such as Museum of Science, Wingmasters) throughout the year for the the whole student body and individual grades.

Classroom Material

With generous support for the Stratton PTO, we are able to provide classroom materials that further support the educational mission of the Stratton School. Past support has included books, TV’s, document cameras and microphones.

Family Events

An important part of the PTO mission is supporting and enhancing the Stratton Community. The PTO provides many free or reduced cost family events throughout the year including Pumpkin Carving, Bingo Night, Movie Night, Spring Fling, Ice Cream Social, Science Night and many more.

Educational Links

Below are some links that will direct you to programs to help students outside of the classroom.